Megumi Isobe
Megumi Isobe is an artist: painter, illustrator, graphic designer and photographer. She has received multiple awards and held many exhibitions for her paintings. She is currently working as a media specialist doing design work and photographing private art collections.


Megumi Isobe was born in Sapporo, Northern Japan.
In her childhood, she was always drawing and creating something unique using any available items around her, such as a doll’s dress made from tissue
and rubber bands.

At the age of 18, she lived in Tokyo and studied fashion. Later during her career as a stylist assistant,
she had the opportunity to meet foreign models.
This experience motivated her to study English.
Her first visit to the United States then gave her the idea to study English and art in the US. She felt limitations of her creativity living in her country and was fascinated by a different culture. She said, “It was amazing that
I found so many differences between Japanese and American culture. People are more open and welcome to my art even though I’m not well known.
I don’t need to do the same as other people, I can be unique and being unique can be key to becoming a great artist.” After she lived in Montreal to study English for six months, she moved to San Diego and had received a Commercial Art Production Certificate, an A.A Degree in Illustration, and Bachelor of Arts Degree Art in Graphic Design. She has also received various awards for her art and has been in numerous exhibitions, in addition to selling many of her paintings.

Although she was getting successful with her art in San Diego, in 2009, she decided to move to San Francisco; attracted by the larger artistic community and more opportunities to explore her art. She has held exhibitions in San Francisco and currently works as a media specialist at an estate management company in the Bay Area. Her goal is to keep creating and make people happy through her art, as well as using it as a tool for communicating social messages.